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What is an Asset Tracking and Management System?

What is an Asset Tracking and Management System?

Navica is the most trustworthy asset tracking and management systems provider which can offer a set of high-end decisions for every vehicle or equipment!


Our GPS trackers for asset tracking are equipped with high powered lithium-ion battery which can last from 7 weeks to even a couple of years depending on the location reporting interval. The magnetic and waterproof cover makes AT6 suitable for easy and inconspicuous placement of it  inside or underneath a vehicle of any size or any other asset.


For asset tracking and management, it doesn't matter if the vehicle is small or huge, or where the equipment is localized.

Asset Tracking Functioning

Asset GPS Trackers are small and magnetic mount enables placing it unobtrusively in a vehicle or on an asset. The battery lasts long and the location is permanently updated. With our asset tracking devices, you can quickly track cars and other devices with our asset tracking apps. Track vehicles and asset from any computer or smartphone. Receive alerts at once when a tracker leaves a geographic area.

Asset Tracking Features

Extremely Accurate

Our various asset tracking devices utilize many accurate satellites to produce very precise locations.

Completely Customizable

Observe your trackers location and movement from your iOS or Android device or track it from any web browser.

Current Location

Identify the exact location of your freight or equipment. This location can include all available addresses.

Battery Life

Monitor the battery life of your equipment and receive low battery alerts in the app or as a text message.

Geofence Alerts

Set up a geofence alert to get a notification alert at the moment when your tracker arrives or leaves the area.

History of Locations

See your asset tracker’s present location and get information about all of the locations with detailed addresses.

Maintenance Monitoring & Alerts

Keep your vehicles on the road with maintenance reminders! Our maintenance alerts are based on a vehicle's real-time mileage versus national averages and this allows you to operate a more effective preventive maintenance program. Each day you will receive an email summarizing which vehicles reported problems or are due for normal maintenance. All of this information will help you protect your vehicles and improve their lifespan – thus giving you more value out of your assets.

You will get instant notifications and alerts and much more.

  • Create unlimited maintenance schedules
  • Base alerts on miles, engine hours, or time
  • Send alerts to specific people

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