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OBD GPS Trackers - Navica

OBD GPS Trackers - Navica

In the modern devices world, OBD GPS trackers are an everyday essential for cautious car-owners and entrepreneurs working with fleet management– accessible, sold at reasonable prices and ready to help track down a vehicle.

Newest OBD GPS tracking devices have extra features to assist drivers in calculating their mileage, stay in touch with a company or driving safely.

Here you will see the best OBD GPS trackers with different design characteristics and standout functionalities to encourage you to make the right decision.

Navica OBD GPS Trackers


Navica OBD GPS trackers are plug-in devices put right into their place via the OBD port, standard for all the vehicles produced since 1996. These ports are typically located under the dashboard on the driver's side of the car.


Why choose an OBD GPS Tracker?


  • Reports every minute when a vehicle is functioning
  • Reports every hour when a vehicle is turned off
  • See the current position of a car
  • Notice the direction and speed of the vehicle
  • Receive diverse types of notifications

Advantages of Navica OBD GPS Tracking Devices

Take control of your vehicles with practical, effective tracking at a lower cost!

What else you get with Navica GPS Tracking Devices from Montreal:

  • Carrier-certified devices guarantee optimum service and a long life
  • Each device has been fully activated and tested prior to shipping
  • Full replacement warranty covers your investment
  • Friendly, knowledgeable agents you can trust
  • All support representatives are fully trained to answer all your questions
  • If you require help, we have your back

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