Fleet GPS Tracking Systems and Solutions

GPS Fleet Tracking Canada - The Best Solution

Trusted by a number of companies, our GPS fleet tracking Canada solutions mix the power of the software platform with our innovative GPS hardware means, causing improved productivity, lessened fuel costs, smooth maintenance, enhanced driver safety and improved customer satisfaction.

Fleet GPS Tracking Solutions

Vehicles GPS Tracking for Car, Motorcycle, Bike


We offer the best professional tool for GPS vehicle tracking and fleet management, real-time alerts, performance reporting, and asset management

OBD GPS Trackers



Modern vehicles are equipped with a diagnostic port. Our small OBD GPS Trackers are simply plugged into this port and immediately start reporting the position.

Electronic Logging Devices



Our electronic logging devices improve fleet operations and reduce the pressure on your drivers. With Navica ELDs, fleet managers can improve productivity.

Asset Tracking Services


All asset tracking systems are aimed at improving equipment and tools control and maintenance efficiency and reducing equipment damage and loss.

Driver Safety Software


Navica provides you with unique solutions concerning driver tracking, including an ID system. We enable you to control your team efficiently at all the corporate levels.

Route Optimization Software


Navica route optimization and management software help you find low-cost and convenient routes, successfully plan your employees working day, etc.

GPS Fleet Tracking Canada Systems

Increase fleet potency with complete visibility to location, driver behavior, and engine data. Track and monitor trucks, buses, motorcycles, bikes, and specialized vehicles. Our GPS fleet tracking in Canada can be modified to meet any requirements. With a variety of combined solutions for GPS fleet tracking, monitoring engines or driver safety, Navica is ready to give you a platform to support your company at a low cost.

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